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NewsWind Park Gvozd is another in a series of energy facilities that...

Wind Park Gvozd is another in a series of energy facilities that EPCG energy company will build

Podgorica – The shareholders of Elektroprivreda (EPCG) adopted a decision to approve a loan agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development worth EUR 82 million, for the financing of the Gvozd wind power plant (WE) project.

EPCG announced that the Proposal for a decision on the approval of the Proposal for Annex 3 of the contract of members of the Company between EPCG energy company and the company Ivicom Holding GmbH was also approved.

An extraordinary session of the Assembly of shareholders of EPCG was held today in Nikšić.

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As reported by EPCG, the company’s executive director, Nikola Rovčanin, who chaired the session of the Shareholders’ Assembly, said that VE Gvozd is another in a series of energy facilities that they start and build.

According to him, this is a huge progress, especially when it is taken into account that EPCG has been seriously lagging behind in terms of creating new capacities for four decades.

“Therefore, what we are doing now should serve the pride of both EPCG and you as shareholders,” Rovčanin said.

He stated that he is satisfied with the fact that EPCG continues to implement development projects.

“I congratulate everyone on the decision to implement this very important work for our company,” Rovčanin said.

He said that the date for concluding the contract will be defined soon.
“That is our mission, plan and goal. I believe that this is a great contribution to the development of our company and that in two years we will have a new energy facility, which is also important from the point of view of the current environmental reconstruction,” said Rovčanin.

EPCG announced that all three points of the agenda were adopted by the votes of the majority of shareholders.

The shareholders adopted the decision to reduce the share capital of EPCG based on the cancellation of their own shares.

EPCG said that based on the cancellation of 8.47 million own shares with a nominal value of EUR 6.5 per share, the company’s basic capital in the amount of EUR 769.93 million is reduced by EUR 55.22 million, and now amounts to EUR 714.7 EUR million.

The shareholders adopted the decision on changes to the EPCG Statute and the determination of the refined text of the same, in accordance with the changes in the field of reduction of the share capital.

It Is stated that the share capital of the company is divided into 109,659,921 shares.

“As part of the preparation for the discussion on point 3, it was established that a part of the minority shareholders, before the Assembly, submitted a written notification about the intention to exercise the rights of dissenting shareholders to buy back shares if the Assembly affirmatively declares the indicated point,” the statement says, local media reported.

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