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NewsMontenegro, Even Covid revealed potentials of the Economic Citizenship Program

Montenegro, Even Covid revealed potentials of the Economic Citizenship Program

That Montenegro represents a good example of how the economic citizenship program should be properly and successfully managed is the opinion of the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Henley & Partners Group, Christian H. Kaelin, who during a recent visit to our country had the opportunity to talk with the heads of several ministries from the economic sector.

In an interview with Mediabiro, the creator of the company, which for thirty years represents the world leader in the field of programs for acquiring residence and citizenship through investment, said that he has been following the development of Montenegro for many years and noted that it attracts great interest in this field.

– They are usually very successful entrepreneurs and investors. It is known to the public in Montenegro that one of the vice presidents of Google wants to become your citizen, as well as many other high-profile business people. These programs attract the right kind of people you need to take the country forward, to invest, create new jobs and contribute to the economy – said Dr Kaelin.

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Although it caused certain consequences, the corona virus pandemic, from his perspective, revealed new potentials of the program.

– That time also really showed everyone around the world why you need access rights, including citizenship, why you need more than one passport. During covid, access was limited everywhere in the world, and now it has acquired a completely new dimension.

When it comes to the increasing popularization of investment migration, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Henley & Partners Group pointed out that despite the contrary opinion created by some media and other sources, it actually brings many benefits.

– So you have more and more countries appearing with an increasing number of programs on a global level, also in Europe. Their number is constantly increasing and I think it will continue, because it is something very good. It is a powerful incentive for the better. It benefits people, it benefits countries, it helps mutual understanding between cultures. There is more migration, more tourism, more investments – Dr. Christian Kaelin concluded.

Henley & Partners is an active participant in a number of programs around the world, which, among other things, have attracted more than EUR 10 billion in foreign direct investment. In a large number of countries, the company is involved in consulting, designing, setting up and implementing some of the most successful residency and citizenship programs in the world. In Montenegro, Henley & Partners is a licensed mediation agent for acquiring citizenship by investment. The company is an active member of AmCham Montenegro and the Council of Foreign Investors (MFIC), local media reports.

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