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NewsMontenegro, Charms of the Bay of Kotor

Montenegro, Charms of the Bay of Kotor

The Bay of Kotor is the area under UNESCO World Heritage protection and one of the top 20 must see destinations according to Forbes and Bloomberg preferred destination lists. In the hearth of this bay, carefully guarded by the slope of the Vrmac hill, on one side, and bathed in the scent of the Adriatic Sea, on the other, lies the Health & Wellbeing retreat de’Mar Vrmac Center, one of the leading facilities of the Blue Kotor Bay Premium Spa Resort.

Blue Kotor Bay Premium Spa Resort

Since the Venetian time, this location has been recognized as a natural health oasis for respiratory health. Healing powers of the sea and the wind are part of the rich heritage the settlement of Prčanj is known for. In the embrace of the Bay of Kotor, the legend says that the settlement was founded by the Boka warriors, and it has been historically linked to Constantinople and Venice, whilst recent history notes that it was this exact spot that the sailor and explorer Ivo Visin set of on his trip around the world.

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As the health sanctuary that celebrates healthy life and wellbeing, the Retreat, assisted by nature, offers unsurpassed programs and treatments in the sphere of physical and rehabilitative medicine, medical wellness, and anti-aging treatments

Upon his return, tired and exhausted, the seafarer refused all doctors and medicine and only asked for the powers of the sea and air of the Cape of St Mark. This petite home of Blue Kotor Bay Premium Spa Resort is indeed classified as unique oasis, and with such a naturally blessed location it was the best fitting home and inspiration for Health & Wellbeing Retreat De’MAR – Vrmac.
In the 21st century, we face daily challenges, not only in business and private life, but also on a global level. Accumulated stress affects the function of the entire organism. Healthy habits can significantly influence the quality of life and this the reason why at Vrmac put main focuse on programs based on finding balance — Detox Vita and Stress Relief Program. As a gift from nature, they have a location blessed with the natural phenomenon of the Rose of the Winds.

Health & Wellbeing Retreat De’MAR – Vrmac

During certain periods of the day, there is intense evaporation of ions and minerals from the sea and different winds coming from surrounding mountains, that encouraged us to create our signature, post-Covid, Respiratory Vitality Program. They are also welcoming upcoming winter season with the Immune Booster Program that will help you reenergize.
Silver package — healthy aging with its motto ‘Add life to years’, not years to life is the most popular package among the female population. With a combination of treatments and guided activities, they restore freshness and a youthful appearance to your body, face and mind. All programs at VRMAC Center are carefully crafted, coordinated and managed by their professional team.

Rehabilitation and strengthening programms

Health & Wellbeing Retreat De’MAR – Vrmac specializes in programs dedicated to detox, regeneration, and rejuvenation, as well as respiratory rehabilitation and strengthening of immunity. Their equipment and professional team are ready to diagnose and create a highly personalized program for their guests, but at the same time the Retreat offers and array of individual and daily treatments for rehabilitation, pain therapy and remedy, and finally aesthetics and body transformation.

Blue Kotor Bay Premium Spa Resort and Health & Wellbeing Retreat De’MAR – Vrmac together form a distinctive, exceptional and exclusive oasis for wellbeing for adults. At Blue Kotor Bay resort, they have one common goal and that is to create a comprehensive product, and embrace benefits coming from the nature. Just by being here their guests get a chance to enjoy the uniqueness of the place where the mountains kiss the sea, utilize vast offer of hotel’s facilities and improve their health. They are proud to point out that the hotel enters the 2023 season as part of a famous hotel brand, and with the new name Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay Resort.

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