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NewsWhy should you get a Montenegrin passport right now?

Why should you get a Montenegrin passport right now?

More and more countries are offering to obtain their passport through investment. Montenegro is one of them. This country is one of the few in Europe that provides an opportunity to get a residence permit for a specific investment. An additional advantage is that in 2025 it will become a member of the EU. This fact opens up new prospects for residents.

Among the Montenegro citizenship benefits are:

  • the ability to visit more than 120 countries visa-free;
  • granting citizenship to family members (in the future);
  • there is no need to pass a language proficiency exam;
  • attractive business conditions in all regions of the country;
  • excellent climate, developed infrastructure, and a high level of service.

The company Immigrant Invest Svetlana Gorchakova expert notes three ways to receive Montenegro citizenship by investment. The first is an irrevocable donation of 100000 euros to the National Welfare Fund. Yes, the money will not “recoup” over time, but the amount is not so immense.

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The second option is to buy property in the country’s north for 250000 euros. This region is less developed, but the investment is insignificant. The third option – is the purchase of a real estate in the south of the country for 450,000 euros. This region is famous for travel. It has excellent infrastructure and opportunities for creating your own business.

It is worth noting that the investor cannot choose a house alone. He will receive a list of objects selected by the state. There are many interesting proposals, so everyone will indeed find something suitable.

Why should you get a Montenegrin passport right now?

Many people ask the question, why should you get a Montenegrin passport? To begin with, it is one of the few countries in Europe that offers such a citizenship option. A unique program to attract investment has been operating for several years. Procedures have been fine-tuned for a long time, so if there are no questions, it is possible to obtain documents quickly.

It is also impossible to get past the relatively low level of investment. In some European countries, investing up to 1000000 euros is required. In Montenegro, we are talking about a much smaller amount. The advantage is the processing time of applications. Only a few months and the documents are ready.

Main advantages of Montenegro citizenship

You can assess the Montenegro citizenship advantage pretty quickly. Among the major pros in 2022 are the following:

  1. Comfortable conditions for doing business. And for practically any sphere: from technology to the production of products. Moreover, the tax rate in the country is relatively low, so it is profitable to develop your company here and look for new clients.
  2. High standard of living. This is manifested in high-quality services, medicine, and infrastructure. And when 2025, Montenegro becomes a member of the EU, all this will reach an even higher level to meet European standards.
  3. The ability to dispose of your property in the future. If you have purchased real estate, then in 5 years, it can be sold at a better value than initially purchased.
  4. More than 120 visa-free countries for Montenegro passport holders. This is the entire Schengen zone, Russia, and dozens of other countries. With this country’s passport, you can 100% experience what it means to travel without borders.
  5. It is possible to move your whole family. The paperwork process for them will take less than three months.

Also among the not-so-obvious Montenegro passport benefits is access to quality education. The document of this country gives a chance to study there for free. It is also common practice to receive education in European countries, where minimal prices are available for residents of Montenegro.

And, of course, in the list of advantages, it is impossible not to mention the excellent climate. The country is warm, and the sea most of the year has beautiful weather. So, naturally, this makes migration to this region the most rational decision.

Montenegro passport advantages are the same as the document of any other EU country. Being in the country legally, you can work, rest, and develop your business here. The state will not put any obstacles to this. All this makes the Montenegro investment program one of the most popular, especially against the background of many other countries, which can’t boast similar infrastructure, standard of living, and taxation, local media writes.

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