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NewsRecent updates on CRBC's Podgorica-Mateševo highway construction

Recent updates on CRBC’s Podgorica-Mateševo highway construction

The article provides an update on the construction of a highway segment from Podgorica to Mateševo, managed by the Chinese company CRBC. Here’s a summary:

  1. Financial Overview:
    • CRBC has disbursed €827.3 million out of the agreed €859 million for the project.
    • Anticipated arbitration proceedings stem from delays and additional work compensation issues.
  2. Technical Progress:
    • All technical deficiencies have been rectified, leading to the issuance of an operational permit on March 20.
    • Outstanding issues are expected to be resolved by July 13.
  3. Environmental Rehabilitation:
    • CRBC undertook the restoration of the Tara River’s bed, overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency.
    • Measures included re-vegetating road and riverbank areas and reintroducing 1,000 fish into the river.
  4. Environmental Monitoring:
    • Environmental monitoring, conducted by the firm Honeycomb, reported significant improvements in the ecosystem compared to 2016.
    • Findings indicated a notable increase in fish populations and successful breeding.
  5. Legal Challenges:
    • CRBC faced legal hurdles, including being blacklisted by the tax authority due to a €11 million VAT debt.
    • Legal actions were initiated against CRBC for riverbed works, with three ongoing court cases.

In summary, the article highlights advancements in highway construction and environmental efforts, juxtaposed with legal and financial complexities encountered by CRBC.

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