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NewsSerbian Alta Pay group is showing interest for Montenegro

Serbian Alta Pay group is showing interest for Montenegro

The largest payment institution in Serbia, Alta pay group, is interested in expanding its business to the Montenegrin market, it was announced during the meeting of the Minister of Finance, Aleksandar Damjanović, with representatives of this company.

The director of sales and marketing of Alta Pay Group, Ranko Kerić, presented the intention of that payment institution to, in an economical and innovative way, with the growth of financial inclusion and the development of the digital economy, expand the range and availability of payment instruments and services on the territory of Montenegro.

– The presence on the Montenegrin market, in addition to the creation of new jobs, would encourage faster economic development, expansion of the network of payment locations, new software solutions, as well as a better level of service execution – said Kerić at the meeting.

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Damjanović said that he supports all initiatives that contribute to the accelerated development of the financial infrastructure of Montenegro and greater competitiveness on the market, and which at the same time can contribute to lower prices for services for citizens and the economy, more successful collection of income from the online trade zone and reduction of the gray economy.

– He also pointed to the joint initiative of Montenegro and Serbia to facilitate payment transactions between the two neighboring countries, noting that the Government is also considering the possibility of reorganizing the Post of Montenegro according to the model of the Post Savings Bank of Serbia – the announcement states.

At the meeting, it was concluded that further discussions regarding the initiative of the Alta pay group will continue with the Central Bank of Montenegro and other competent institutions, in order to include this group in the structure of the payment system of Montenegro, with the intention of further development of payment services on the Montenegrin market.

Alta pay group, which also includes Alta bank, as announced at the meeting, has more than three hundred employees, is the largest payment institution in Serbia, the leader in the number of payment places and services, the most famous exchange place in Serbia, co-owner of Eki transfer and the service provider WU money transfer.

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