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NewsRevitalizing tourism: Unlocking the potential of Mount Jelovica in Montenegro

Revitalizing tourism: Unlocking the potential of Mount Jelovica in Montenegro

Ivan Radević, a member of the Board of Directors of the Ski Resorts of Montenegro, has leveled accusations against certain parties, alleging deliberate obstruction of ski resort development and the utilization of Mount Bjelasica in the areas of Berane and Andrijevica municipalities.

Speaking to the RTCG Portal, Radević disclosed that a year and a half ago, he had advocated for the relocation of a cable car, which has been idle for five years, partly stationed in Kolašin and partly in Mojkovac, gathering dust and losing value. His proposal was to relocate it from the 1600-meter elevation of the ski resort downwards toward Mount Jelovica, spanning across the territories of Berane and Andrijevica.

While Radević serves as the director of the local tourist organization in Berane, he believes that this issue transcends mere tourism concerns, emphasizing its importance for the cities of Berane and Andrijevica.

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He insists that the leadership of both municipalities needs to engage in resolving this matter as it aligns with the interests of both winter and summer tourism development, as well as the valorization of Bjelasica’s potential from the perspective of Berane and Andrijevica towards Mount Jelovica.

Radević expressed frustration over the current state of the cable car, which, costing approximately five million euros, remains inactive. He argues that much time will be required before it can connect Žarski and Cmiljača, whereas it could already be operational towards Jelovica in the next winter tourist season.

Moreover, Radević highlighted the significant investments made in ski center projects such as Žarski and Cmiljača, viewing them as potentially misguided endeavors initiated during the governance of Duško Marković. He contends that while he does not oppose the completion of these projects, neglecting the potential of Berane and Andrijevica, particularly Mount Jelovica, is unacceptable.

Radević suggests that immediate action should be taken to repurpose the idle cable car, redirecting it towards Jelovica, thereby accelerating the development of both winter and summer tourism in the region. He stresses that this strategic move would not only benefit the winter tourist season but also offer opportunities for summer tourism. He believes that the unused infrastructure should not be left to deteriorate further and advocates for proactive measures to utilize it effectively.

In conclusion, Radević urges the authorities to consider his proposal seriously, emphasizing the transformative potential it holds for the tourism sector in Berane, Andrijevica, and the broader region surrounding Mount Jelovica.

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