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NewsRecord year in terms of balance sheet and turnover of Montenegrin companies

Record year in terms of balance sheet and turnover of Montenegrin companies

This year should be a record year when it comes to the balance sheets and turnover of Montenegrin companies, announced the Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, Goran Đurović, and added that Montenegro must focus on development projects because it has enormous potential.

In an interview with the Mina-business agency, he said that according to all forecasts and parameters, Montenegro recorded a 7.7 percent economic growth this year.

– That is a fantastic growth. I responsibly claim that this will be one of the best years in terms of the balance sheet and turnover of our companies in general. The year is ending and very soon all the balance sheets will be available, so we will see, but I think we will witness a record year in terms of turnover in our companies – said Đurović.

In the next year, as he announced, economic growth can also be expected.

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– I don’t know if it will be of this degree, it is ungrateful to forecast, but in any case we expect economic growth. If the geopolitical and world situation stabilizes a little, and in general the tension in our country subsides a little, I believe that Montenegro has incredible potential and that we can do development projects as well – said Đurović.

He reminded that the Government plans to continue the section of the highway, and the Adriatic-Ionian road, new energy capacities and the use of solar energy are also being considered.

– The government is focused on those development projects, which, I believe, will bring a new economic momentum in the coming period – claims Đurović.

He is, commenting on the revenues in tourism, which for the first nine months amount to EUR 916 million, assessed that the season was more than successful, especially if we remember the pessimistic forecasts and false spins that came from certain media and individuals about the so-called failure of the season.

Đurović thanked all caterers and hoteliers who presented a fantastic season.

– We in the Ministry and I as a minister must be satisfied with this season, taking into account the circumstances in which it took place, and especially taking into account Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, where we lost two important markets. I have to praise all the tourism workers who managed to find a model of how to compensate those markets with new ones – Western Europe, Scandinavia and Israel have strengthened, and the region is always there somewhere – stated Đurović.

He added that October, November and December, which were characterized by good weather and a large number of visitors to Montenegro, were not included in those EUR 916 million in tourism revenue.

– So the postseason was also successful and I think the future is bright for Montenegrin tourism – said Đurović.

When it comes to this year’s winter tourist season, Đurović announced that Montenegro had the opportunity to promote the winter offer in neighboring countries and that the response and interest were great.

– At the moment, we have very attractive ski resorts for skiing fans, such as Kolašin 1600 and 1450, which I believe will be ready for the upcoming winter season. As far as I know, the snow has already started to fall, so we expect that there will be enough, and when that is combined with the great and prepared trails, I think that all visitors will be satisfied – said Đurović.

Among the winter centers, he singled out Žabljak and its natural beauty, as well as the fact that Montenegro is traditionally known for its New Year holidays.

– There is almost no pop star who is not, whether on the square or in one of the hotels in our country, and I am sure that on those days we will witness numerous tourists from the region and Europe – said Đurović.

When asked if greater support for the promotion of tourism in the north was planned and in which segments, Đurović replied that they were quite limited by the previous budget, especially the National Tourism Organization (NTO), but that now that budget has been increased.

– Our visibility must be greater in all markets, and money is needed for that. But, I always say, it is not an expense, but an investment that returns many times over to our economy and economy – said Đurović and added that significant funds were provided for the promotion of event tourism this year, and will be in the next as well.

Also, efforts are being made to put Montenegro back on the map of world concerts.

– Funds for Eros Ramazzotti’s concert, which should take place next September in Bar, have already been planned in the budget. Until the agreement is signed, nothing is defined, because everything depends on the other side, but in any case, we are very determined to put Montenegro back on the map of world concert events – said Đurović.

When it comes to support for the economy, which this year had the opportunity to apply for a large number of calls, Đurović announced that there were some programs that did not have adequate responses, but that they were working to transfer those funds to where there is more interest.

For the next year, more funds will be allocated to support the economy, so Đurović invites all businessmen to apply, because, as he assessed, this is a significant help for every segment – from small, medium and large businesses, as well as for women entrepreneurs and young people.

Commenting on the current energy and food crisis and the possible possibility of certain shortages in Montenegro, Đurović announced that at the moment he does not see any impending crisis that would mean empty banks, noting that the rain has also improved the condition of the reservoirs, so the Elektroprivreda (EPCG) stable, which means that there will be no dramatic increase in electricity prices.

He reminded that, among other things, the Government limited the margins on certain foodstuffs and reduced the excise duty on fuel, so that the citizens of Montenegro at one point were paying for the cheapest fuel in the region, and probably in Europe.

– We must not forget that Montenegro is among the small number of countries that did not raise the price of electricity, which means that the maximum that was possible at the given moment was done to save the citizens’ budget – stated Đurović.

Commenting on the importance of regional connectivity, he said that he sees potential in all segments, and first of all in good neighborly relations, which are the basis of everything.

Đurović believes that the Montenegrin economy and its institutions are very well connected with all countries.

– I believe that this cooperation was, will be and will remain, always at the same quality level – said Đurović, noting that it is possible to cooperate in the energy and food supply sector.

Also, it is being considered that Serbia should start building a highway to the Montenegrin border, as well as the reconstruction of the railway, the valorization of the Port of Bar and the increase of the airport capacity.

– So we have a lot of work ahead of us, but also a lot of potential – concluded Đurović, local media writes.

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