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NewsPost of Montenegro, potential that should be used

Post of Montenegro, potential that should be used

Payment transactions with Serbia should be established through the Post of Montenegro, which is an unused potential, said Minister of Finance Aleksandar Damjanović in the Takuln show on Gradska RTV.

As he stated, during the last year there were two discussions on the subject of direct payment transactions between the two countries, and some potential solutions were also discussed.

– Bearing in mind that the Law on Payment Transactions has been adopted, which will be a novelty in Montenegro next year, payment transactions will be significantly liberalized, and certain platforms will be created that will be able to be used de facto and outside the scope of central banks and the national bank as a payment model – said Damjanović.

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As he said, Serbia’s experience with Poštanska štedionica is also interesting.

– They made the Post Office a so-called a retail bank that works with the population. Montenegro has a Post Office that is an unused potential. Specifically, the Postal Savings Bank that would work in Montenegro with citizens and the Postal Savings Bank that works in Serbia would have direct payment transactions without any problems – the minister stated.

In this way, banks that hinder all business would be avoided, and a model would be established that is in the best interest of both the economy and the citizens of both countries.

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