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NewsCasa del Mare: Early opening signals strong season ahead in Montenegro

Casa del Mare: Early opening signals strong season ahead in Montenegro

The emerging hotel group from the Boka Bay region, Casa del Mare, took an early start this year by opening all five of its boutique hotels, with Casa del Mare Mediterraneo in Kamenari operating year-round.

Nikola Milic, the director and founder of Casa del Mare, shared with Novski portal that this early opening reflects a promising pre-season and anticipates a fruitful main season ahead.

“We’re expecting this year to surpass the last one. The holiday period saw full occupancy, and off-premise spending was exceptional. So far, we’re highly content with our performance, meeting our projected budgets, which marks a significant improvement from the previous year,” stated Milic.

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In terms of staffing, Casa del Mare’s management team has done an admirable job in recruitment.

“Our recruitment efforts have been fruitful, thanks to our favorable working conditions and positive relations with staff over the years. We haven’t felt the need to resort to hiring workers from distant countries, despite a significant workforce of over 200 employees across our hotels during the season. We’re proud to maintain this approach, preserving the quality and distinctiveness of our service,” Milic emphasized.

He underscored Montenegro’s advantage in retaining the authenticity of its services.

“To uphold true authenticity, our service providers should predominantly comprise locals or individuals from the region, sharing similar cultural values. While our natural landscapes are undoubtedly attractive, it’s the quality of service that holds greater significance today,” Milic added.

Reflecting on the group’s achievements, Milic pointed out their steady growth and the loyalty of returning seasonal staff.

“Our workforce remains stable, with about 60 employees continuously employed throughout the year. The number of returning seasonal staff has also increased steadily, alongside new recruits drawn to our positive work environment and opportunities for career advancement,” he noted.

Casa del Mare operates five boutique hotels, including Casa del Mare Mediterraneo in Kamenari, Casa del Mare Blanche in Bijela, Casa del Mare Amfora in Orahovac, Casa del Mare Vizura (under long-term lease), and Casa del Mare Pietra in Dobrota (managed by the group).

Milic expressed optimism about future expansions, such as Casa del Mare Mangata in Budva, scheduled to open soon, and other projects in the pipeline.

“Our commitment to nurturing talent and monitoring individual progress positions us well for future endeavors. While Casa del Mare Mediterraneo in Kamenari expanded its offerings last summer with the addition of Limoneto restaurant and beach, this season expects Limoneto to operate at full capacity,” Milic shared.

Establishing itself as a knowledgeable, innovative, and dedicated player in Montenegro’s hotel industry, Casa del Mare’s passion for hospitality ensures the success of each property under its umbrella.

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