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NewsMontenegro, This year, EUR 24 million has been earmarked for Ski Centers

Montenegro, This year, EUR 24 million has been earmarked for Ski Centers

The Ski Resorts of Montenegro expect the upcoming winter tourist season to be good. The Director of the Ski Resort Đuro Milošević said that of all the ski resorts they manage, only Ski Resort 1600 with two six-seaters and 21 kilometers of trails will be ready for the next season. The biggest problems are, he says, parking and road maintenance. At the other two ski resorts, Cmiljača and Žarski, there is currently no work and the equipment is, as he said, on standby.
Apart from the Kolašin 1600 ski resort, the Montenegrin ski resorts also have the Cmiljača and Žarski ski resorts, which are under construction.
– Poles and wires have been installed at both ski slopes, but the road and electrical infrastructure have not been completed, and this is the biggest problem. The base stations are in the initial phase of construction – said Milošević in the morning program of TVCG.
He notes that the proposal of the capital budget for the next year envisages EUR 3 million for both ski resorts and EUR 1 million for their merger.
– This is exactly the controversial cable car that was supposed to be on Durmitor, but due to circumstances it was stored. We have taken over the cable car for safekeeping. The contract expires on December 3rd, there were some disputes, we transferred a good part of those elements, there is still some left. There should be no problem – said Milosevic.
At the Kolašin 1600 ski resort, he said, the biggest problems are parking and road maintenance.
– This year, I think there will be problems because there are few parking spaces on the lower ski area. We worked on expanding the capacity of our parking lot, we have about 500 spaces. As an alternative, we are looking in agreement with the Municipality and the local TO, we are asking to organize a bus that will go to the ski resort and back three times, but I think that the tourism industry, especially the Ski Resort 1450, should be included in the discussions between the ski resort 1600, the municipality and the TO.
According to Milošević, of all the ski areas managed by the Ski Association of Montenegro, only Ski Area 1600 with two six-seaters will be ready for the next winter season.
– The capital budget proposal foresees 4.5 million for artificial snowmaking, a total of 24 million for ski resorts. We hope it will come true. As ski resorts, we are only end users – said Milošević.
There is currently no work on the other two ski resorts, Cmiljača and Žarski.
– The biggest problem is the electrical and road infrastructure, especially in Cmiljača – said Milošević.
Part of the equipment intended for those ski resorts, he adds, is in stock.
– The sensitive equipment is located in a closed space, so there should be no problem – said Milošević.
He notes that the guests of the Kolašin 1600 ski resort are mostly local, and then there are also guests from Serbia, Albania, and Kosovo.
– This year we are counting on a larger number of guests from Slovenia, North Macedonia and Croatia – he said.
They expect a good season in the Ski Resorts of Montenegro.
– If the sale of seasonal ski passes is a parameter, this year it was a record, and if that is a parameter, then we expect a good tourist season – said Milošević, noting that the Ski Resorts of Montenegro signed cooperation agreements with all ski centers in the region, as he said , these days they expect it to be done with the Association of Ski Resorts of Slovenia.
– We expect all of this to produce results – Milošević concluded, local media writes.
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