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NewsMontenegro, Solar power plant on roof of the Željezara until June

Montenegro, Solar power plant on roof of the Željezara until June

The first megawatt solar power plant will be installed on the roof of the former Vučionica plant in Nikšić Željezara by June. The management of the new company EPCG-Željezara Nikšić announced this for the Public Service. The plan is to install a 10 MW power plant within the factory in the first year, but also to develop the production of metal structures at the same time.

Less than a month since the opening of the Ironworks, the atmosphere is working around the factory and in it. For now, around 200 workers are arranging the factory circuit and are eagerly awaiting further moves by the new management.

– When we see a future, then there is enthusiasm, nothing is difficult – said EPCG worker Zdravko Todorović.

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Ratko Gardašević, also a worker, states that their time passed quickly.

– Our time passed quickly, as you can see, it is busy, every day, the emphasis is on cleaning the factory area and tidying up the halls. Also the other accompanying works that accompany these preparations for a new beginning of some new activities – said Gardašević.

The management’s priority Is the urgent construction of a 10 MW solar power plant in the factory area. The project is ready, and the first megawatts will be delivered from the roof of the unprecedented Vučionice plant.

– We hope that if we work quickly, that in about 3-4 months, right in the full season of sun and insolation, we will have a power plant on the grid and start earning significant funds from it – pointed out the president of the board of directors of EPCG-Zeljezara Nikšić, Marko Perunović.

The executive director of EPCG-Zeljezara Nikšić Đorđije Đukanović said that for a 10 MW power plant that would be installed, it would be an income of around 2 million EUR per year.

– For the 10 MW power plant that we would install, that would be an income of around two million euros per year, which would absolutely enable us to service the workforce. So that part would go as a kind of factory security, and the rest would come through new values and programs – said Đukanović.

On other programs and activities, according to the management, a lot of work is being done. Thus, in the plant of the former Radvent, metal constructions for various purposes will soon be produced.
– We were in Srebrenica and Konjic, there are modern zinc works. So, we will do galvanizing for the needs of EPCG for the production of transmission lines, poles, which we can do, all the broom poles they are looking for. We are in the phase of procuring equipment for the production of banks because a new phase of the highway is underway, so we did not wait, but immediately got into the activities – said Đukanović.

The president of the board of directors of EPCG-Zeljezara Nikšić, Marko Perunović, points out that the substructures that will be used for the roofs of the Vučionica hall will be borrowed from EPCG, which already has them on hand, in order to complete the work as soon as possible.

– All other structures, steel, for power plants on land, as well as substructures, will be done in our construction workshop – Perunović points out.

What is clear is that steel will not be produced in the former steel factory for the time being.

– Basic production is something that is not in our focus both according to the law and in the process itself. Our focus is on as many new jobs as possible so that this entire part of the city survives and Nikšić itself – said Perunović.

After nine months of struggle and protests, and decades of uncertainty, the workers are giving the new administration a new chance.

– Whatever is asked of us, we will do with quality, as far as we know, but I see that we are ready to do a large part of the work – Gardašević points out.

The construction of the solar power plant will cost around EUR 10 million, and the money will be provided through a loan. Let us remind you that EPCG bought the ironworks from the Turks for EUR 20 million.

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