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Montenegro, Kotor – Lovćen cable car: from sea foam to hundreds of meters above sea level

The Kotor – Lovćen cable car project will affect the change in the tourist offer of cruise companies, i.e. their operators, the Port of Kotor announced, adding that an optimal model of passenger transport from the port to the cable car should be found.

In that company, whose majority owner is the Municipality of Kotor with close to 57% of the share capital, they announced that the problem of transporting passengers from the port to the future cable car is “integral to the city of Kotor”.

The deputy executive director for marketing and development in that company, Ljubo Radović, told Radio Kotor that the port is the “reception” for the tourist destination.

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– Our job is to provide services in the port of Kotor. That segment already enters the category of tourist product and the Port of Kotor, in that context, can be one of the agents and partners in the sense of trying to find a model that would be the most optimal for the entire community. I think this opportunity would be a good way to invite all those interested parties, in any case the institutions – said Radović.

He emphasized that the cable car, as a facility located ten minutes from the port of Kotor, is a project in the most modern sense, technologically and touristically, accessible to all categories of passengers from ships.

The project Is highly sophisticated, which means that all passengers, including persons with disabilities (PWDs), have the opportunity to visit that destination, unlike some others, such as buses or excursions, where they are objectively, or due to the impossibility and non-adaptation of the means that serve for transport, simply limited.

– So this is something that will be a sensation at a higher level. I think it is the right time to try to create synchronization, in the sense of finding modes of how and in what way it will be directed and organized, because we know that the port has a limited capacity for receiving buses – added Radović.

According to him, the cable car project is unique, “because in ten minutes you are from the foam of the sea to 1,500 meters above sea level on the Kuk Plateau”.
– You cannot find a comparable content of such a tourist offer. On the other hand, we also have a real problem, given that the expected passenger capacity this year will be intense, unlike in previous years – believes Radović.

He explained that last year, due to the corona, cruise companies had a restrictive policy. At the beginning of the year, they received only 30%, during the summer they increased to over 50% and only in the autumn months did they have full capacities on the ships.

– Those were their policies. That is why the number of passengers is even lower than last year. This year it is completely open. I think it will be a big challenge how and in what way to establish that logistics system. Of course, other public institutions in Kotor must also take part in this, Radović stated.

The President of Kotor Municipality, Vladimir Jokić, recently announced that the cable car will be opened “before or during the tourist season”.

The planned route of the cable car starts from the locality of Dub in Kotor and leads to the locality of Kuk on the Lovćen mountain.

The location of the Dub terminal is located within Grbaljsko polje, 200 meters from the road Budva – Tivat and 500 meters from Tivat airport. The location of the Kuk terminal is located on the Kuk Plateau on the Lovćen mountain, at 1.35 thousand meters above sea level. The height difference between the starting and ending stations will be 1.32 thousand meters.

As previously announced, the designed capacity of the cable car is at the level of 1,200 thousand passengers per hour, and the expected number of passengers during the first year of its operation will be 400,000 people. The cable car will be served by 40 gondolas, and the travel time will be less than 11 minutes.

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