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NewsMontenegro, 645 solar power plants installed

Montenegro, 645 solar power plants installed

By the end of last week, 578 solar power plants were built at households, while 67 panels were installed at companies, a total of 645, EPCG – Solar gradnja company informed News.

The company, which was formed by Elektroprivreda (EPCG) a year ago for the purpose of implementing the solar panel installation project, said that the plan is to complete the Solari 3000+ project by the beginning of next year, and at the latest by half of it.

“So far, 578 solar power plants have been installed at households and 67 at companies. For now, the most installed power plants are in Nikšić and Podgorica, and they have also been installed in other municipalities in the north and south. It is planned that all three thousand panels will be installed by the beginning, and at the latest by the middle of the next year, which will depend on weather conditions and other practical factors that are crucial for the speed of installation”, said the company headed by Ranko Vuksanović.

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They added that the total installed power of the installed solar power plants is 5.6 megawatts (MW), and that the total power at the end of the project will be 30 MW.

Vuksanović previously told Vijesti that by the end of the year, he expects to have installed solar power plants with an installed capacity of 1.5 MW for households and nine MW for businesses. He then announced that, when the entire project is completed, 45 thousand megawatt hours (MWh) or 45 gigawatt hours (GWh) will be produced annually, which, according to electricity prices for the next year, will bring an annual income of several million EUR.

According to the proposal of the Energy Balance for the next year, the production of electricity from all sources will be almost 3.6 thousand GWh, of which 41 GWh from solar power plants. Last year, that production was 2.66 GWh, so next year it will be 15 times higher thanks to, in addition to the Solari 3000+ project, the construction of solar floating power plants on Salt Lake and Krupac, which should start operating in October next year.

According to the structure, 51.2 percent of electricity would be produced by hydropower plants, 38.55 percent by thermal power plants, 9.11 percent by wind power plants and 1.14 percent by solar power plants.

Earlier, EPCG announced the launch of the Solari 5000+ and 10,000+ projects. More than a month ago, EPCG-Solar-gradnja said that the design and feasibility study for the Solari 5000+ project was nearing completion.

When it comes to the Solari 10,000+ project, they stated that the feasibility study and conceptual-technical solution have been submitted to the Government in order to secure money for its execution through European Union (EU) funds, while the implementation of the project is expected in the middle or end of next year.

The news asked the representatives of that company whether the implementation of the conceptual and technical solution and the feasibility study for the Solari 5000+ project had been completed and how far the process of obtaining EU money for the Solari 10000+ project had come.

“Implementation of the mentioned activities is still in progress. We expect the quick completion of the project documentation in order to start the mentioned projects”, they stated from EPCG – Solari gradnja.

They said that by the end of the year, a public call for citizens and the economy will be published as part of the 5000+ project, and that implementation will begin after a few months. When asked how many solar panels they have purchased so far, the company said that all the necessary equipment has been purchased for the 3000+ project, while for the upcoming projects (5000+ and 10000+) the public procurement procedure will be initiated after the completion of the necessary project and administrative documentation, local media writes.

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