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NewsA month long Sustainable Development Festival is in front of Montenegro

A month long Sustainable Development Festival is in front of Montenegro

The second edition of the sustainable development festival (WINDFEST) will take place over five weekends, from April 28 to May 28, and includes 35 sports, entertainment, educational and cultural events that the citizens and guests of the city will enjoy at ten different locations.

This year, the festival also aims to position Tivat, Boka Kotorska and Montenegro as a must-see regional address that guarantees top sports content, good entertainment, an educational, artistic and very diverse cultural program in the pre-season period.

The President of the Municipality of Tivat, Željko Komnenović, pointed out that at a time when Montenegrin society is multi-layered on numerous grounds, it has one city and one 71-year-old, yet young sailing society, which for the second year in a row succeeds in bringing us together and motivating us to most sincerely work together we work for the benefit of all of us.

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– It is the city of Tivat and in it the Delfin Sailing Club, which does not give up on its mission – to lead the synergy of all local public institutions, municipal enterprises, the non-governmental sector, sports organizations, cultural societies. To jointly bring something new and development very important for our city.

It Is a manifestation of the Wind Festival, a sports-educational-multimedia festival, which exemplifies the basic principles of sustainable development. In our country, it’s a local saying – if it’s good for the host, the guest will enjoy it too – said Komnenović.

Tamara Krstović, PR of the Tivat Tourist Organization, pointed out that the “Wind Festival” is the right way to open the eyes of the local community and focus their attention on the indescribably great value of the natural and cultural heritage of the city of Tivat.

– The wind festival is when you have goals and dreams, which slowly become reality. When the wind clears our minds and as a result we get an open path towards the sustainable development of tourism that we all strive for. The Wind Festival is a healthy spirit in a healthy body interspersed with segments of culture and nature, actually a kind of education in these areas – said Krstović.

As part of the Wind Festival, the conference “Boka Kotorska as a sustainable nautical destination” will be held, organized by the Maritime Faculty from Kotor.

The head of this institution, Spiro Ivošević, said that it was an extraordinary honor for him to be a part of the Wind Festival, which is already becoming a tradition in Tivat and Boka.

– We made an effort to organize two panels within the aforementioned conference dedicated to the safety of navigation in Boka and the protection of this pearl of the Adriatic. The aim of the panel is to bring together direct actors, activists and decision-makers around the mentioned topics in order to reach certain conclusions and guidelines for further action.
Antonela Stjepčević, editor of the program, said that this year the sports program is the most important, but that good winds are also “called” in other areas of the festival, so this year there is an extremely rich selection of cultural programs, adding that they are especially proud of the educational program of the festival.

– As part of the festival, we will organize important conferences, lectures, forums, book promotion, all on topics of importance for the sustainable development of the destination.

The festival will also have a rich entertainment content and already at the opening on the city’s Pine waterfront on April 28, the Tivat klapa Jadran will perform, then the Toć ensemble, while the stars of the evening will be the Split band Daleka obala.

Frano Tripović, the creator of the festival, points out that the Tivat regatta is the backbone of the festival this year as well.

– On April 29, the Small Tivat regatta for optimists and lasers will be held, while on April 30, the Tivat regatta will be held. In cooperation with the Porto Montenegro sailing club, the WINDFEST Cup will be held on the first day. This year is the 18th edition of the Tivat regatta, which gathers the entire sailing community of Montenegro, and we expect the participation of about 250 participants on about 40 boats. This year, a downhill gathering will be organized in the Vrmac Nature Park – Tripović points out.

As part of the Wind Festival program, three plays will be performed, said actor Matija Grabić, who is in charge of the selection of this program.

This year’s edition of the festival is realized under the auspices of the Municipality of Tivat, the Tivat Tourism Organization, the Richard and Frances Godbois Foundation and the William Gillespie Foundation, as well as numerous sponsors. Collaborators in the organization are the Municipality of Tivat, Maritime Faculty of the University of Montenegro in Kotor, Center for Culture Tivat, JU Museum and Gallery Tivat, JU City Library Tivat, Music School Tivat, ŠOSMO Vida Matjan Kotor, DOO Komunalno Tivat, several local non-governmental and sports organizations.

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