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NewsThe draft spatial plan of Montenegro is coming in May

The draft spatial plan of Montenegro is coming in May

The draft spatial plan of Montenegro is expected in May, and strategic issues are currently being considered and consultations are being carried out with competent institutions, manager of this document, Svetlana Jovanović said for “Pobjeda”.

She emphasized that the development of the plan is a complex and responsible task, which implies the active participation of state institutions, all ministries, the Government, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Administration for the Protection of Cultural Property, the Public Enterprise Morsko Dobro, Monstat and others.

In the process of drawing up the draft, the manager of the drawing up of the plan held consultations with the work team in all areas. Some more strategic development issues are to be discussed, after which the draft plan will be finalized, which we expect in May – said Jovanović.

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She added that the draft will then be forwarded to the Council for the revision of planning documents, after which comes the next procedure.

Depending on the duration of the revision of the planning document (according to the current law, a maximum of 60 days), the PPCG draft will be sent for an opinion to the institutions and then to the Government. Along with the draft, a public discussion program is also submitted, about which the public will be informed. The Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism will inform experts and the general public about the process. The adoption of the PPCG is planned for the current year – said Jovanović, adding that the work team is making an effort to pass the plan within the stipulated time, with the support and good organization of the line ministry.

We remind you that the relevant minister, Ana Novaković Đurović, said that at the end of last year, the spatial plan concept was completed, and the Audit Council gave a positive opinion on it. Previously, in October, that body gave a negative opinion on the spatial plan concept, which should be valid until 2040.

The current plan expired In 2020. On August 6, 2020, the government of Duško Marković concluded the contract on the creation of a new spatial plan with Svetlana Jovanović, the head of the expert team for the creation of the document, and according to it, the state should be paid half a million euros for this work.

The contract defines that the money will be paid in five installments to managers and members of the professional team, namely 20% after submission of the analysis of the existing state of the organization, arrangement and use of space, 20% after submission of the concept, 30% after submission of the draft, 20% after submission of the proposal and 10 % after the adoption of the spatial plan proposal.

The basic text of the decision on the preparation of this document stipulated that the document should be prepared within a year, so it expired on August 6, 2021. It was then moved to March 7, 2022, then to the end of last year and finally to this year. In parallel with the changes to the decision in accordance with the postponement of the deadline, the contract with the manager of the plan development is also annexed.


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