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NewsMontenegro Concierge DMC, a team with whom the impossible becomes possible

Montenegro Concierge DMC, a team with whom the impossible becomes possible

For them, there is almost nothing impossible – whether you need to organize business meetings, conferences, team building or weddings, they will do their best to provide you with a superior experience. They are ready to tackle even the most unusual requests and provide each client with a unique experience of the destination, creating tours thanks to which they will get to know and experience Montenegro in a completely new way. They are the team of Montenegro Concierge DMC, which is always guided by one principle in its business – discover the undiscovered.

Montenegro has always strived to develop elite tourism and attract high-paying clientele. With the arrival of well-known international hotel brands, but also with the development of luxury settlements along the coast, it succeeds to a significant extent. As a result, the need to develop completely new services arose. This is how Montenegro Concierge DMC was born, a company specialized in providing concierge services, organizing various events within the MICE industry, developing eco-tourism and organizing weddings, with a special emphasis on sustainable events and travel.

As Edil Omeragić, the director of this Tivat-based company, says in an interview, thanks to an experienced and professional team, they have been providing clients with various services at the highest possible standards for 12 years.

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– Montenegro Concierge DMC is a company that focuses on tourism and sustainable activities, nurturing a special relationship with the tradition, heritage and nature of Montenegro. Having insight into everything that happens in the MICE industry, our multilingual team will organize for clients unique events, successful business meetings, conferences, team building and much more – says Omeragić
This business, like everything related to tourism, was full of challenges. Our interlocutor points out that he still enjoyed everything he brought with him. He is also happy that he found the job of his dreams at a very young age.

– It was exciting to experience tourism in its truest and rawest form at an age when you feel bigger than yourself. Now that a lot has passed and I have been in the industry for 12 years, I look back fondly on that period, on how many people I met, how many friends I made, collected memories and most importantly, how much I learned – he says.

According to him, when you decide to engage in tourism, you must be prepared for numerous challenges – lack of knowledge, training and understanding are just some of them. All this, he says, affects the position of the MICE industry in Montenegro, as well as anywhere in the world.

– What people also need to understand is that this is a job you do 24 hours a day, especially during periods when you are implementing a project. In those moments, you are separated from your daily routines, family, friends and hobbies, which in itself is very difficult, especially if you have small children at home. However, we all knew what we were getting into when we entered this business, maybe not to what extent, but we certainly had some idea. However, despite everything, I would not choose to do any other job than this one, I really believe that it is my calling – Omeragić points out.

At Concierge DMC, they strive to always provide their clients with exclusive and unique experiences.

– We create authentic and unique services for them, presenting Montenegro in a completely new light. We are always here to provide them with first-class service, personalized content and tours tailored to their needs, all guided by the principle – discover the undiscovered.
The team of Montenegro Concierge DMC, together with its partners, provides users in Montenegro with the highest level of service.

– Whether our clients need personal or business assistance, we will do our best to reduce their stress during travel, so that they have an unforgettable stay in Montenegro. With a vast knowledge of the MICE industry, we are here to organize numerous events for them – product launches, business meetings, conferences and team building, all with a “white-glove” service approach. We also specialize in organizing annual forums, hybrid conferences, summits and fairs, international conferences and the like. We believe that every event should be a work of art. This is what we are guided by when planning an event – from the very choice of venue, food, staff, type of entertainment… We strive to provide them with unique experiences and provide them with unforgettable moments – says the interlocutor of eKapija.

Omeragić is proud to point out excellent cooperation with representatives covering more than 20 countries around the world, from the United Kingdom and Ireland, through Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, to Italy and Mexico.

– With such a list of partners, Montenegro Concierge DMC is able to reach different markets and present Montenegro in a completely new way. Every time we create a new program, we try to adapt it to a specific target market. What makes it easier for us to plan and organize demanding and challenging projects is the fact that Montenegro offers an incredible number of extraordinary and attractive solutions for even the most demanding clientele – he points out.

Considering that they have partners all over the world and cover almost every part of it, the demand for their services is increasing day by day, and the business is constantly growing. When it comes to the services for which there is the greatest interest, he says that it depends on the client.

– These are people who like to experience unique things in the shortest possible time. They value their time and the funds they have invested, therefore they have high expectations of both the destination itself and our service. When it comes to individual clients, they generally look for those services that are not accessible to regular visitors – says Omeragić and adds that every agency, however, also has the most desirable services.

– For us, it would be the organization of corporate events and “incentive” trips. We really enjoy them, they are unpredictable and fun, and most importantly they help us to constantly learn and improve – says our interlocutor.

When asked if there is anything impossible for them, they answer that there are requirements that are a real challenge, but that they are always ready to tackle them.

Montenegro Concierge DMC and was created with the aspiration to create and offer special contents with an unusual experience of Montenegro. We draw inspiration from the entire environment – from nature and culture, even from food. All this helps us to combine the essence of Montenegro with our ideas. The result is the unique programs we offer our clients. We try to respond to as many “impossible” requests as Montenegro allows. They really vary, from unique transportation, to the demand for something that is not available in our country, just a few days before the event. However, we like to accept such requests, because in this way we prove that there is always a way to find a solution for everything – says Omeragić.

Speaking about the destinations for which there is the greatest interest, the interlocutor of eKapija says that Montenegro Concierge DMC covers the whole of Montenegro.

– Each of our offers is unique, created exactly to measure and based on the requests we receive from clients. In the conversation with them, we evaluate what would be best for them, whether it is a luxurious place or a unique experience that is not available affordably to ordinary tourists – says Omeragić.

He also points out that the interest of clients depends on many factors – country of origin, type of vacation, event, and the like.

– In order for clients to experience Montenegro in the best possible way, we must first get to know their expectations and interests, and their way of life. That certainly decides which part of Montenegro he will visit – our interlocutor said.
He adds that there Is currently the greatest interest in hotel facilities on the coast, which is why the largest number of projects are being realized in this part of the country.

– We are lucky to work and live in a destination that allows us to adequately respond to almost 90% of inquiries and meet clients’ expectations. In the last two years, trends have mostly focused on physical and mental health, which was somewhat expected after the coronavirus pandemic. There are more and more requests for organizing conferences and outdoor activities, so that the entire event allows participants to experience nature in a new and unforgettable way. These are some new trends, and it is up to us to follow them together and keep up with the times – concludes Edil Omeragić in an interview.

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