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NewsMontenegro, Budva Riviera Hotel Group is finally opening its doors

Montenegro, Budva Riviera Hotel Group is finally opening its doors

The Budva Riviera Hotel Group has already welcomed its first guests from Israel at the Aleksandar Hotel, and other hotels operating as part of the largest hotel group in Montenegro will also be opened during April. Capacity occupancy in the pre-season is more than good, and according to the first sections and announcements for the main summer season, business results are expected to surpass 2022.

As announced by the company, Hotel Group Budva Riviera rounded off the past tourist year with a business result that, with the realization of over 300,000 overnight stays, exceeded the indicators of the 2021 season by 20%, which after the global two-year stagnation on the tourist market opened up new opportunities and space for designing more better results in the 2023 season.

As announced by the company, the Palas and Palas lux hotels in Petrovac were opened in the first quarter of this year, and the Aleksandar hotel in Budva was opened at the end of March.

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The month of March Is marked by MICE arrangements, namely the European Chess Championship (for women), and the seminars of the Institute of Economics and Law from Serbia and the international seminar of the Institute of Public Health were previously held.

– According to the bookings announced so far, the pre-season period will result in good hotel occupancy, with the implementation of several mass arrangements and the expectation that the sale of arrangements will intensify these days, especially from the markets from which airlines operate from the end of March to mid-May – the group states.

During April and May, they add, organized arrivals of groups from France, Great Britain, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary, and Poland were announced.

– As part of regular activities in the part of quality preparation for the tourist season, cooperation was contracted with numerous European partners for the current tourist year, with continuous presence at all important international fair events with the aim of promoting the hotel offer as intensively as possible, with the constant intention to B2B workshops are improved by cooperation with existing and potentially new business partners – say Budva Riviera.

As they point out, the diversity of the broadcast market network will be represented in that part again this year, noting that new broadcast zones are also being opened, from which arrivals were already recorded last year. This particularly applies to the markets of Egypt and Israel.
– Apart from the mentioned broadcasting markets according to the agreed cooperation and arrival announcements for the 2023 season, the broadcasting structure will include the markets of France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, the Benelux countries with the implied assumption of a large number of guest arrivals from the region – the announcement reads.

According to the first booking sections, the projected data for both group and individual arrangements are optimistic with the expectation of good results in the season, which is certainly expected to increase the tourist volume of traffic compared to 2022.

– In this part of the year, the company works intensively on securing qualified personnel for seasonal positions, all with the aim of providing high-quality service and standardizing the service, with an emphasis on the domestic labor market – they state from Hotel Group Budva Riviera.

As they have been operating on the principles of ISO standards for many years, the tourist offer of the Budva Riviera group is packaged within the framework of qualitative certified standards, which are recognized at all levels of business.

– With a responsible attitude towards the concept of the tourist product and investment in the quality of the certified offer, new prospects for the development of the company in all segments of the business have been opened, which is confirmed through many years of work results, without taking into account the crisis years – they add.

The company says that Hotel Aleksandar, which opened at the end of March, received its first guests from the Israeli market.

– During April, all the hotels of the group will be open, with the expectation that both in the pre-season and in the post-season period, arrangements will be implemented that will directly affect the shortening of seasonality in the operation of hotel facilities and extend the tourist season with better physical and financial indicators of this year’s tourist traffic – concludes the announcement of HG Budva riviera.

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