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NewsGerman company Elite-private-jet-service wants to restore the operation of the Berane airport

German company Elite-private-jet-service wants to restore the operation of the Berane airport

The German company Elite-private-jet-service is ready to provide money this week and start work on the valorization of the airport in Berane, but for that they are only waiting for a phone call from the Government of Montenegro.

The owner of this company, Mike Steinmiller, told Portal RTCG that he had prepared all the necessary documentation that had been requested of him so far, and that he had four meetings with the Government of Montenegro.

– The money can be in Montenegro tomorrow and we can immediately start implementing the plans. I just need to get a reply to the last letter I sent or someone to call me. Just one phone call is enough, and the money for the reconstruction and commissioning of the airport in Berane will be deposited into the account in Montenegro – claims Steinmiller.

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He, after Portal RTCG recently wrote about the fact that representatives of a German company were coming to Berane, and that this is the biggest initiative for the valorization of Berane airport so far, insisted on a meeting in which he confirmed that it was his company and that they did not give up on that initiative.

– My partner was in Berane, and I was working in Podgorica during that time. I met with Prime Minister Dritan Abazović four times. We got to the point where I sent a letter of intent, which I did on May 25 last year. On June 7, the Government confirmed that they had received a letter of intent and set a date for the meeting. Then we had a meeting with the Prime Minister, where other ministers were also present. I was asked to send a letter of intent to the Ministry of Capital Investments. I did that on June 13. I received confirmation that that letter also arrived, but I have been waiting since then – said Steinmiller.

This forty-three-year-old man is a former military pilot. He finished his pilot career in 2004, since then he has been working in civil aviation. He says that very quickly he became the world’s youngest organizer of flights in civil traffic. That year he was also nominated for the best world manager in air traffic.

His company Elite-private-jet-service has been a partner of the Munich Conference for four years and is the official carrier, which, as he explains, means that if the delegation does not come to Munich by its own plane, then Steinmiller’s company provides air transportation services.
Mike Steinmiller says that he first started the idea of putting the Berane airport into operation in 2021, during the government of Zdravko Krivokapić, but that he did not find understanding then.
– At that time, no one wanted to receive us for an interview. Only when the German embassy intervened, and when they called Minister Milojko Spajić, he arrived from training in the evening and we had a conversation. One, and not one after that – claims Steinmiller.

After communicating with the current government and submitting a business plan and financial calculation, he expects to be invited to sign a memorandum of understanding, but this is being delayed for reasons unknown to him.

Steinmiller reveals to Portal RTCG that his wife is from Berane, and that this is one of the reasons why he wants to do something for Berane and the north of Montenegro. He claims that the airport valorization plan in Berane has been fully developed and that he is completely sure of its viability.

On the remark that his plans about how he will develop cargo (freight) traffic in addition to civilian traffic, provide private transportation services, have a small plane and a helicopter for urgent medical needs, build two factories, employ about one and a half thousand people, seem too fairy-tale and that the citizens of Berane have listened to empty promises in the past three decades, he replies that he does not ask for anything in return.

– We are only looking for concessions for twenty years. Let us get to work. My plan was to start work already this year, but I did not find understanding from the previous government. The moment we get the concessions and start implementing the plans, we will put the airport into operation in just one year. I’m not interested in politics at all – claims Steinmiller.

He made available to the RTCG Portal all the documents he had prepared so far, as well as the letters of intent he had sent to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Capital Investments.

On the website www.elite-privatejet.service.com, with an available translation, you can find out that the company is registered at the address Pariser platz 6a, D-10117 in Berlin, and Steinmiller explains that for the purposes of this business, he also registered a subsidiary company in Montenegro, Elite-private-jet-service.
By looking at the internet, it can be determined that the statements of state officials about the plans for the Beran airport, the construction of the so-called air park with two accompanying businesses, coincide with the dates that this German citizen is talking about. The Prime Minister of the Technical Government, Dritan Abazović, recently brought this issue up to date at the summit in Davos, saying that Montenegro is not giving up on opening a third airport.

The company Elite-private-jet-service is ready, they say, to make the complete documentation available to the public. In an interview with Portal RTCG, the owner of the company points out that he is ready to present all the details related to the airport and the construction of two factories, which were also discussed with representatives of the Government.

– I am not asking for any state aid. The investment is entirely ours, neither Berane nor Montenegro can be at a loss. I guarantee that the airport in Berane can work all 365 days a year, regardless of weather conditions. Do you think I would enter that business if I was not sure of the profit – says Steinmiller.

He claims that with two built factories, for which Gradinsko polje has been offered as a location, he can optimally work with four civilian and one cargo flight per day, and he plans to do more. He claims that he can provide all this because his company is a partner with the most famous European and world airlines.

– What I promise, I finish – says Mike Steinmiller.

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